Film & TV

2014 Chosun Drama: “Bride of the Century
Release Date: February 22-April 27, 2014
Cast role: as Kim Myeong-Hee
2013 SBS Drama: “Jang Ok Jung”
Release Date: April-8-2013 to Current
Cast role: as Ok Jung’s mother
2012 KBS Drama: “The Innocent Man”
Release Date: September-12-2012 to November-15-2012
Cast role: as Seo Eun-Gi’s mother
2012 MBC Centennial Drama “God of War”
Broadcast period: Feb-11-2012 to September-15-2012
Role: Queen

2011 KBS Drama: “The Princess’ Man” – “Gongjooeui Namja”
Broadcast period: Jul-20-2011 to Oct-06-2011 *  Broadcast Network: KBS2
Cast role: as Lady Yoon (queen)


2010 Motion Film – “Late Autumn”-“Manchu”
Released date: Sept-10-2010
Cast role: wealthy lady

2004 ABC Network – “LOST -House of the Rising Sun,
Released date: sixth episode of the first season

SBS Drama 2008 – “The Scale of Providence”

SBS Drama 2007 – “Lobbyiest”

Motion Film 1994  – “The Story of Two Women – Lead actress


Motion Film 1990 – “Mayumi” – Lead actress, with George Kennedy

Motion Film 1990 – “A Small Autocratic Republic” – Lead actress

KBS Drama – “Dictatorship”

KBS Drama – “King & Queen”

SBS Drama – “Ann Joung Gun”

MBC Drama – “Kook Hee”

MBC Drama – “Jae Sa Gong Hwang Kook”

SBS Drama – “The Horizon”

MBC Drama – “Shyness Lover”

MBC Drama – “The Queen/Duk Hae”

MBC Drama – “The illusion”

KBS Drama – “Thirty One Insurgent”